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About Us

Designed with Kids in mind! Our kind and knowledgable staff are here for your child and all their urgent care needs. We hope to make FirstKids a safe and warm environment with creative concepts and engaging toys and games to help your child prepare for their visit.

Find FirstKids next door to First Care!

1251 McFarland Blvd. NE

Tuscaloosa, AL 35406

First Kids Urgent Care

Our team has strived to expand the care for little ones in the Tuscaloosa area for quite some time now. We have seen the need grow more and more as new families come to town, and local families continue to grow.


Our staff understands that the treatment for children is a delicate matter that our community doesn't have enough of. We needed to start somewhere, and start somewhere fast. You can find First Kids in the same location as Tuscaloosa's First Care. We share a building and an overall mission: help families and individuals avoid hours in an ER, provide quick, efficient and quality care, accept a wide range of insurances and at the end of the day be the one you trust for all your healthcare needs at every stage of life.

Hi, I'm Stevie Stetho. Meet My Friends!


Dr. Ramesh Peramsetty, Medical Director


Sean Morris,

Nurse Practitioner


Jonathan Gallinger, Physician's Assistant


Kristin Landham,

Physician's Assistant

What Parents Say

"I highly recommend this place. The staff was friendly and pleasant to talk to."

— Q.C.

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